Norsk Organisasjon for RulleBrett (NORB), is the Norwegian national skateboarding organisation founded in 1977 to safeguard the Norwegian skateboarders interests. In 1978 import, sale and use of skateboarding was banned in Norway. During the era from 1978-1988 skateboarding in Norway was regulated to the bare minimum, and allowed only on a couple of small ramps in the country. In 1988 the organisation was restarted by Jason D Ancona and Anders Slaatsveen in 1988. The ban on skateboarding was released in 1989, from the lobby work of NORB. In 1989 the first Norwegian championship was held, and been an annual event from that time on.

In the 90ies NORB had national tours, a published magazine «Rullebladet» (which in english translates to «Criminal Record») couple of times a year up to 2001.

NORB has an biannual elected board, and has board-meetings every second month. NORB has primary skateboard clubs as members and support local and national work to promote the possibility to skate in local communities and improve the national skatepark funding for skateparks.

NORB in cooperation with the local skaters in Oslo made an agreement with the Oslo city hall for skaters to skate in front of it, which ensures the safeguarding of this iconic spot in Norway.

In 2013, NORB made sure the national funding for skateparks was equal to any other sports arena. The funding changed from approx. 20 000 Euros, to 200 000 Euros (funds up to 1/3 of the total budget of an 800 sqrm concrete park).

Autumn 2016 NORB has a vote with its membership-clubs to join the The Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports (NIF) because of the IOC decision to take skateboarding into to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Spring 2017 NORB and the Norwegian snowboarding federation (NSBF) are in negotiations on joining forces inside NIF.

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